Angie McWright’s the name and scrunchy parenting’s my game. And when I say scrunchy, I’m totally also referring to the disheveled state that my hair remains in on a daily basis because of all of the demands of taking care of my daughter, therefore always needing to just put it in a scrunchy.

This blog is dedicated to capturing the quirkiness of my growing family’s misadventures.

In an attempt to honor their privacy, all names have been changed.

I have been married to my husband, whom I lovingly call Papa Bear, for almost three years. We have a sweet, energetic daughter, Baby Bear, who has just turned 9 months old.

This blog has been on my “To Do” list since I first conceived Baby Bear. I originally intended to write about the up’s and down’s of learning how to become a successful parent, while simultaneously engorging myself on chocolate covered bacon. I will probably share things on eco-parenting , Pinterest fails, the creative mommy process, social activism , spirituality, and self-care. And probably poop. Because as a new-ish mom, I can’t Google it enough in order to try and figure what the heck is going on with my daughter.

So, this is kind of a test to see if I like blogging as much I think I will, but also a way for me to stoke my creative fire.

My request to my readers:

If you like what you read, and are inclined to comment, please refrain from negative or aggressively -toned posts. As a general disclaimer, my views are my own, and are in no way an attempt to challenge the way you may parent or look at life through a parent’s eyes. With that being said, I welcome a healthy discussion on any of the topics that I share. I will do my best to not offend, and that includes any posts I share regarding my family members.

So, thanks for joining me on this grand adventure. I hope you enjoy the ride!


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